Creative Play Learning Center F.A.Q.'s

What do I need to bring to daycare for my child?

  • Diapers, wipes and diaper cream
  • Bottles
  • Blanket for nap/rest time (pacifier- if applicable)
  • A complete change of clothes to leave at daycare. If your child is toilet training, please leave 3 extra sets of clothes
  • Sunscreen (summer months)
  • All items must be labeled

If my child misses a day at daycare, do I have to pay tuition?

- Each child receives an allotted number of 50% off Coupons. (Excludes families contracted with Erie County DSS. Families contracted with Erie County DSS do have to pay their co-pay each week regardless of attendance.) The number of 50% Off Coupons is double the number of days the child attends each week; (attends 5 days= 10 coupons). These may be used towards your tuition when you child is absent from daycare. Parents are responsible for paying the remaining 50% of daily tuition. Coupons are good for one year, and renew on your anniversary date. Once all 50% off Coupons are used, the family is required to pay their full weekly tuition, regardless of attendance.

Can I visit my child during the day?

- Yes! CPLC has an open door policy for parents. Parents are welcome to stop by, or call to check on their child any time.

- CPLC also has a camera system for parents. Parents can obtain a secure code and log into the camera system and see their child. The camera system is only for parents with children currently enrolled.

What is the curriculum like? Do the kids just play all day?

- Children learn through play, and through careful and detailed planning, we provide your child with an enriched learning environment. We balance our lessons and activities with teacher directed and child directed choices. Giving children freedom to explore is an important component of learning. Teachers prepare weekly lessons, designed to meet the developmental needs of the class.

- Our curriculum is based on the NYS Education Early Learning Guidelines for Infants-Preschool. CPLC also utilizes other research-based tools, including the Infant Toddler/Early Childhood Environment Rating Scales. These tools are used to compliment and enrich our curriculum. Using these tools, knowledge of developmentally appropriate practice, and their understanding of each child’s needs and learning style, our teachers design a curriculum that will ensure your child is not only learning, but taking away enduring understandings.

What is the Common Core?

Common Core standards are a national framework of learning guidelines and educational standards. The standards provide educators with a clear framework of what children should learn at every level. New York State Early Childhood Advisory Council has laid out Early Learning Guidelines that correlate and align with the Common Core. The NYS Early Learning Guidelines set standards that are specifically designed for the early childhood years and cover all areas of child development. We use the NYS Early Learning Guidelines to ensure that our program gives our students a solid foundation to build on in kindergarten.

My child has never attended daycare. I am worried about how he will react.

At CPLC, we understand your concern. For many parents, leaving their child with someone else can be hard. We will work with your family to make your experience a positive one. Each child reacts differently to parental separation, and our teachers are trained to sensitively work with families. We encourage families to stop by and visit before their first day. Taking a few moments to walk around the classroom with your child will help them feel at ease. For many children, anxiety over parental separation decreases over time and as they build relationships with friends and caregivers. Parents are always welcome to speak with the teachers or director about any concerns.